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Weatherization is the process of making a home more energy efficient so that hot or cool air doesn’t escape the structure as quickly, saving you money on your utility bills and increasing comfort in your home. Through the federal Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), ECA can provide this service for free to income eligible Philadelphia residents!

First, a trained professional will evaluate your home to determine where energy can be saved. This visit will include energy education and offered measures including a programmable thermostat. In addition, the program may fund measures by auditor recommendation:

Air sealing and weather stripping

Wrapping of hot water heaters, heating pipes and ducts

Sealing heating and cooling ducts

Attic, wall and floor insulation, and ventilation

Heating Repair Referral

Other items recommended by auditor

Two ECA employees fixing a heater.

Am I eligible?

WAP is a federal program and has strict eligibility requirements, including:

  • Residential housing
    • Rowhomes, single family homes, and trailers all acceptable
    • No multi-family homes
  • Homeowners and renters
    • Renters must have landlord permission and a copy of rental agreement
  • Income not greater than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level

Are home repairs included?

If home repairs are needed before weatherization can be done, ECA may help with that through the Built to Last Program. This program is only available to homeowners and focuses on repairs needed to address safety concerns in a home and stabilize the structure so that energy efficiency measures can be installed safely. You can learn more about Built to Last here.

Next Steps

If weatherization is right for you, give us a call at 215-609-1000 or send us a message here:

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