Our Board of Directors and staff leaders are highly experienced professionals who bring decades of expertise to advance our mission of a sustainable and socially equitable energy future for all.

Staff Leaders

Steve Luxton

David Huffnagle

Ruth Brown

Cynthia Olidge

Lorraine Horton

Walt Yakabosky

Lisa Padilla

Juan Carlos Rivera

Eddie Miller III

Chris Gill

Kristin Peers

Nikeda Moore

BJ McDuffie

Thomas Flaherty

Rebecca Walters

Liberty Britton

Juliet Taliaferro

Chuck Graves

Our Departments

Delaware Team
Community Programs Team
Heater Hotline Team

Our Board of Directors

Robert Graff

Charlie Howland

Sean Collins

Kristin Sullivan

Andrew Huemmler

Baird Brown

Sonny Popowsky

Morgan Berman

Ocek Eke, Ph.D

Simi Hoque

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