Neighborhood Energy Centers


ECA serves households across Philadelphia through its network of 14 Neighborhood Energy Centers (NEC's) that serve as “one-stop-shops” for all low-income energy services.

Trained counselors at the NECs prevent utility emergencies by helping customers obtain energy assistance grants and utility payment agreements. NEC counselors provide budget counseling and intake for conservation and home repair programs that offer more permanent solutions to the problem of energy affordability. During fiscal year 2009 the NEC's prevented 25,642 utility terminations. Together, ECA and the NEC's provide over 50,000 energy services to more than 40,000 low income households every year.

Locate your NEC on the map below.


Each NEC provides a core group of energy services which includes:

Bill Payment Assistance                                               


  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) intake
  • Utility Emergency Services Fund intake
  • Emergency Oil grants through Grandom Oil and others
  • Referral to other bill payment assistance programs
  • Negotiation with utility companies


  • Water conservation
  • Weatherization Assistance Program intake
  • Referral to other programs


  • Energy counseling
  • Conservation workshops
  • Budget counseling
  • Energy education in-home

Related Services

  • Job readiness and development
  • Housing Counseling