Energy and Budget Counseling

Energy Counseling

Qualified counselors at ECA’s Neighborhood Energy Centers work with the households to analyze their energy problems, assist the family in applying for appropriate services for which they are income eligible, and provide basic energy education to help the family reduce their expenses. The overall goal is to help the family retain their energy supply and avoid shut-off. Energy Counseling is completed at the Neighborhood Energy Centers on a first come first served basis. Clients are asked to bring copies of their current energy bills with them to the counseling session.

Budget Counseling

Local Neighborhood Energy Centers conduct Budget Counseling Workshops and one-on-one budget counseling to assist clients in establishing a realistic budget for all of the necessary household expenses, including mortgage or rent, energy, water, phone, food, clothing, and transportation. The goal is to help clients retain their energy source and help stop utility shut-offs. Workshops are held for 1½ hours for up to 12 participants. One-on-one counseling consists of two sessions. The first session includes a review and analysis of the clients financial situation, the development of a new budget, and instruction on budget planning. The second session includes a review and analysis of the client’s budget plan and recommended changes.