Get Started

Get Started with EnergyWorks:

Step 1) Schedule an Energy Assessment of Your Home

Step 2) Find a Contractor and Apply for Financing, if desired

Step 3) Schedule a Quality Assurance Test Out


Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please contact Elyse Green at or by phone at 215-609-1052.


Step 1 – Schedule an Energy Assessment of Your Home

Applying to EnergyWorks            

First, please fill out an intake form:

Apply Here

Once we receive your application, you will be given an estimate for the assessment.  Normally, the average cost for a standard home is around $400, but the DOE has covered part of the cost, letting us offer assessments for the new low price of $150.00!  Plus, if you complete at least $1,000 of energy efficiency improvements, you will receive an additional $50 rebate, leaving the net cost to you at just $100!  Extra charges apply if your home is more than 2500 square feet, or has multiple combustion appliances or air handlers.  

Utility Bill Information

Please provide a copy of your monthly utility bills from the last year.  This will help the auditor determine how much you are spending for heating, cooling, hot water, and other energy uses.  You can send it to the EnergyWorks program representative in advance, or provide it to the building analyst when they come to your home for the assessment. 

For PECO customers:

To access your bills online:

1) Log onto PECO’s website and click “My Account”.  Sign in with your information, or click “New User? Register” if you do not have an account yet.  If you do not have an online account, you will need to have one utility bill on hand to create a customer profile. 

2) Once you are signed in, click on “View History”. 

3) Under “Statement Type”, choose “Billing Only”.  Your energy use history will appear.  Save or print this information.   

To access your bills by phone:

If you prefer, you can access your bills by phone by calling PECO Customer Service at 1-800-494-4000.  Provide them with your account number and request that an Account Activity Statement be provided to you by mail.  This may take up to a week or more so you will need to request the information before the date of the assessment. 


For PGW customers:

To access your bills online:

1) Log onto PGW’s website  On the right hand side of the screen, sign in with your information, or click “Register for My Account” if you do not have an account yet. If you do not have an online account, you will need to have one utility bill on hand to create a user profile. 

2) Click on “Bill Analyzer”

3) Click on “View Bill History” and then the “Usage Detail” tab.  Save or print this information.


For Oil and Propane Customers:

By phone, letter or email, ask your fuel supplier to provide you with a summary of fuel deliveries for the last two years, or for as long as you’ve been living in the home if less than two years.  Request that the statement include the date of delivery, quantity delivered and price per gallon.


Your Home Energy Assessment

Once we receive payment, you can choose a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified Building Analyst from our network of EnergyWorks Building Analysts, or we can pair you with a building analyst in our network.  The building analyst will call you to schedule your home energy assessment. 

The energy assessment typically takes 2-4 hours.  Larger homes will take more time.  You will need to be present during the assessment.  The building analyst will conduct a series of tests using diagnostic equipment to check for carbon monoxide, gas leaks and other health and safety issues, identify sources of air leaks, and measure the efficiency of your appliances.  Once these measurements are taken, the building analyst will use software to make an energy model of your home to determine the most cost-effective opportunities to save energy.  They will provide you with a written report which summarizes the recommendations. The report will provide rough estimates of costs and savings, and the analyst will also help you identify all available tax credits, rebates and low interest loans to pursue improvements.

Click on the image below to watch video from a home energy assessment.


Step 2 – Find a Contractor and Apply for Financing, if desired 

Finding a Contractor

Please see our list of EnergyWorks Contractors

You can also use our Google Map of EnergyWorks Contractors to find one near you

We recommend getting estimates from three (3) contractors.  ECA is available to assist you in finding a certified contractor from our list of qualified, participating contractors to perform the needed improvements.  ECA can also schedule an estimate with a participating contractor for you, and help you determine whether you will qualify for a low-interest loan, if you would like.  For more information, call the ECA Call Center to speak with a trained representative at 215-609-1052.  

EnergyWorks Financing

To apply for financing, CLICK HERE to be redirected to Keystone HELP, our EnergyWorks lending partner, or call (888) 232-3477.  Loan applications are generally considered within 72 hours.  Loan amounts are available from $1000 to $15,000 for unsecured loans, with more available with a lien against the property. Loans are offered for 3, 5 or 10 year terms at a fixed rate, no penalty for pre-payment and no points, fees or closing costs.  Home Performance with Energy Star “Whole House” Improvements are eligible for financing at 0.99% APR, Qualifying Advanced Performance at 4.99% APR, and Energy Star at 5.99% APR. 

To receive AFC financing, your contractor must be registered with Keystone HELP.  Keystone HELP's list of approved contractors is available HERE.  

Please encourage your contractor to register with Keystone HELP and the EnergyWorks program.


Step 3 - Schedule a Quality Assurance Test Out

Quality Assurance Test Out

After the work is complete, one of ECA’s BPI-certified Building Analysts will inspect the work to ensure that it meets our quality assurance requirements and to verify that all health and safety issues have been resolved. If the job passes inspection, ECA will authorize final payment to the contractor.

To schedule an EnergyWorks test out verification, please contact Matt Dahlhausen at or by phone at 215-609-1071.  If you DID NOT get financing through AFC, you will need to provide a copy of the signed contract detailing what work was completed.  Please email it or fax it to (215) 988-0952. 

EnergyWorks Assessment Rebate

Once your EnergyWorks test out is completed, we will send you a $50 rebate if you spent at least $1,000 on energy efficiency improvements to your home.  To process the rebate, we must have a copy of the signed contract detailing what was completed on the home.  The rebate will arrive in 6-8 weeks.  For further questions about the rebate, please contact Elyse Green at or by phone at 215-609-1052.