Click Above to download the latest energy directory, with resources on who to contact for all energy related services across the city!

This resource identifies the steps that Pennsylvania schools can take to reduce their energy costs in order to redirect those funds back to education. 

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The “3D House” is a fun, educational tool with both print and on-line information which brings energy efficiency and sustainability features together for you. The 3D House incorporates ENERGY STAR Homes and LEED for Homes standards. To learn more in depth information, scroll your curser over a specific feature. Click here to view the 3D House.

This resource provides an FAQ on Home Weatherization and Indoor Air Quality.

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education provides a campus sustainability discussion forum on resources for insistitutions. Access the forum here.

This guide helps homeowners target what saves the most electricity, gas, and water. Download to begin saving money!

A Step-by-Step guide on how to seal cracks and holes, weatherizing windows, and weatherizing doors!

You can now donate to ECA through United Way's Donor Option Program! ECA's Donor Option number is 5967.

If you're interested in energy conservation, check out these great resources...