Public Education

Energy Conservation Workshops
ECA offers FREE workshops to groups. During these sessions, a trained workshop leader will show you how you can make simple changes that will save money and make your home more comfortable today!

Speakers’ Bureau
Interested in learning more about ECA, our programs, and the importance of energy conservation? ECA has trained speakers who can be scheduled to speak at your organization.

Knight Green Jobs Training Center
ECA operates the John S. and James L. Knight Green Jobs Training Center, where we train over 800 men and women of all backgrounds and levels of experience for jobs in the green economy each year. Click here to learn more about the Training Center, available programs, and the Green Jobs career path.

Educational Literature
ECA has created user-friendly energy savings guides that show you step-by-step directions for installing rope caulk, plastic window kits, and other energy saving materials. These materials also teach you how much money these simple measures can save! Click here to view and purchase these materials.

Water Conservation
ECA is dedicated to conservation of water as well as energy. Many times water conservation and energy conservation are tied together. For more information on what homeowners and business owners can do to conserve water, please follow the link.