ECA's Reinventing the Rowhome Exhibition


The Philadelphia History Museum’s Philadelphia Voices Community History Gallery is now featuring an exhibit on The Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA)!

ECA has worked to transform homes and neighborhoods into sustainable, affordable and healthy environments for almost 30 years, saving energy and water, using the best techniques and technologies available, and training thousands of men and women for the clean energy economy.  

As a nonprofit that grew out of Philadelphia’s “energy and poverty crisis” of the 1980s, ECA history is Philadelphia history. Through community development and the help of public and private partners, ECA has demonstrated a lasting commitment to energy and water conservation.

"The exhibition creates a visual language which can effectively communicate ECA’s work in transforming such a historic city like Philadelphia into a resilient and greener city for the future," Liz Robinson, the executive director of ECA.

The gallery was opened to the public on Febuary 21 and will be opened through the end of April 2013.