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• NASA and NOAA show 2014 was the hottest year on record for the globe.
• Temperatures ran 1.24°F above the long-term average, driven in large part by ocean heat.
• A swath from the Midwest to Southeast was one of the only cool places on the planet; the West Coast and Europe both had record heat.
• The next milestone? In all likelihood, February will mark 30 years of above normal temperatures for the globe.


PHILADELPHIA – December 4, 2014 -- If this winter is anything like last year’s, brace yourself for some high heating bills again. One way to lessen the squeeze on your wallet is by taking steps to make your home more energy efficient. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program offers energy and money-saving changes people can begin to make today.


This is an exciting time for the Energy Coordinating Agency! We are poised for growth and have a number of employment opportunities available.

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Our annual Sustainable Energy Conference was a great success! We had many great speakers and informative presentations.

All conference presentations are available for download under the resources tab. Click here to download .pdf files of our conference presentations!


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 When policymakers tally clean energy’s real worth, they consider jobs and environment. But other work achieved by clean energy goes forgotten.

Two new papers shed light on some of this work – from saving the lives of US troops to influencing broad economic health.



It's so over

The Inquirer is doing its readers a great disservice by giving climate deniers equal space in its Chirp column (Oct. 2). Printing points of view on your op-ed pages that "global warming is a myth" only further misinforms the public. The scientific debate about climate change is over: It's happening and it's caused by man. An accurate, fair, and balanced perspective would highlight the fact that the scientific community agrees warming isn't worth risking, period.

Grants will Fund Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency Projects


HARRISBURG -- The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) invites manufacturers, retailers, service providers, agricultural businesses and other small businesses to apply for a Small Business Advantage Grant to finance pollution prevention and energy efficiency projects. The application period will open Monday, Oct. 6.