Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does a home energy assessment cost?

Answer: For a limited time you can get a Home Energy Assessment for $150! Down from the average price of $400. This price can increase if the home is greater than 2,500 square feet, or has more than one heating system or water heater.

Q: What is involved in an energy assessment?

A: During the energy assessment, the building analyst will conduct an interview with you regarding your energy use, comfort, and any heat, cooling and moisture issues associated with your home. The building analyst will test your combustion appliances (such as your heater, water heater, and oven) for safe carbon monoxide levels and gas leaks, if necessary. S/he will also do an insulation value check to see where and if your home has insulation. A blower door test will also take place which provides an estimate of how much air is flowing through your building shell under normal conditions.  The assessment typically takes about 2-3 hours.  

Q: Do the building analysts have any sort of certification?

A: Yes. All of our building analysts have been certified by the Building Performance Institute (, which lays the protocol involved in an energy assessment. BPI puts forth the widely-accepted national standards on building science.

Q: I found an analyst who will give me a free energy assessment. Does this free assessment differ from what EnergyWorks provides?

A: A BPI-certified building assessment is recognized by the Department of Energy, and is the only type of assessment that can be considered for the EnergyWorks Program.

Q: What rebates, loans, and other incentives are available to me if I participate in the EnergyWorks program?

A: There are variety of incentives that can help you achieve your energy efficiency and home improvement goals.


PGW Rebates

Residential Heating Equipment Rebates

Participants: PGW customers (residential and small business*) who use residential-sized natural gas furnaces and boilers
Enrollment: Customer applications
Energy saving equipment: High efficiency natural gas heating equipment and programmable thermostats
Rebate: • $500 for natural gas furnaces with a 94 percent efficiency rating or greater
• $2,000 for natural gas boilers with a 94 percent efficiency rating or greater
• $30 for a programmable thermostat purchased with boiler or furnace



PECO Rebates

Smart Home Rebates

  • Energy Star Refrigerator, Clothes Washer $25; or EnergyStar Window A.C. $25 
  • Energy Star Air Source Heat Pump: $325 -$400
  • Energy Star Central AC: $300
  • Energy Star Natural Gas Boiler: $300
  • High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnace: $300
  • Energy Star Natural Gas Storage Tank Hot Water Heater: $50
  • Energy Star Electric Storage Tank Water Heater: $25
  • Energy Star Electric Heat Pump Water Heater: $300
  • Geothermal Heat Pump: $217 per ton

Smart Appliance Recycling
In addition to offering rebates on new, energy-efficient appliances, PECO will pay you for your old refrigerator or freezer. 

  • $15 for (working) refrigerators or freezers


Keystone Help: Low Rate, Low Payment

Get loans for high-efficiency Heating, A.C., air sealing, insulation,
windows, doors, geothermal and “whole house” upgrades.
$1,000 to $15,000: Low fixed rates and long amortization terms.
For up to $35,000, provides a home equity option for homeowners with limited equity.
Qualifying homeowners can get a $325 cash energy audit credit.
Eligible improvements must be installed by a Keystone HELP Approved Contractor

To find more financial incentives to invest in energy efficiency, visit EnergyWisePA.




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