Thank you - The EnergyWorks program was a great success and provided "Whole House” Energy audits to over 2,000 homes in the Philadelphia region.



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If you live in Philadelphia - you can still get a home energy assessment for a special low price of $150!

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Over 2,000 homeowners saved money by saving energy with EnergyWorks!

EnergyWorks has helped over 2,000 homeowners in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Chester counties increase the energy efficiency of their homes, save money and increase their comfort.  EnergyWorks brought together all available rebates and low-interest financing with certified building analysts and the best contractors in the region for home energy efficiency upgrades.

EnergyWorks was carefully designed to increase comfort, eliminate health and safety problems, and deliver real energy savings to homeowners. With EnergyWorks homeowners:

  • Lowed their energy bills
  • Increased their comfort
  • Eliminated moisture problems
  • Ensured their family’s health and safety
  • Got top-quality work by highly trained contractors
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Did it all without breaking the bank!



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Mt. Airy homeowner one of 1,000 saving money with EnergyWorks!

Single Family

Tanya Morris’ 3-story row home in the Belmont  neighborhood  was rehabbed in 2005. Morris, an Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) employee, wanted to take advantage of the EnergyWorks program  to educate herself further on energy efficiency issues as well as to make her home more energy efficient.

Through EnergyWorks, Morris was able to receive a $50 rebate on her home energy assessment by completing at least $1,000 of the recommended improvements. For more information, visit