Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel Program

ECA is proud to present our new line of eco friendly rain barrels. Our barrels are the embodiment of ECA’s commitment to environmental stewardship and socially equitable enterprise. Each barrel is made from nearly 100% recycled materials. Our barrels are then constructed by hand by low income Philadelphians who are pursuing careers in the green jobs economy.

The barrel itself is a recycled reused 55 gallon food grade barrel. Each barrel is certified to have only contained food products and have been professionally steam cleaned to ensure maximum cleanliness. Barrels are also purchased locally to reinvest in our community and cut down on their carbon footprint.

Each barrel uses a rubber diverter that pulls water to your barrel from your downspout without major alteration to your existing downspout. Only one 2-1/8 inch hole needs to be drilled into your downspout. From there our flexible 3’ accordion hose fills your barrel and allows any excess water to be directed back into your downspout.

Each barrel also includes a plastic spigot which has standard garden hose threading on it to allow you to attach any garden hose or garden hose accessory to the barrel.

Installation of the  barrel requires a power drill and one 2-1/8’’ hole saw bit and takes mere minutes. Once installed our barrels can help you prevent flooding and pollution associated with stormwater and it also gives you access to a free and renewable sources of water.

It is recommended that rain barrels are disconnected from the water source during the freezing winter months. Included in your purchase is a winter cover for the hole drilled in your downspout. Simply use the screws included with your diverter to screw the cover on your downspout.

Remember that water from barrels is untreated rain water and should not be used for drinking, cooking, or any other ingested uses. Our barrels are specifically designed to minimize contact with and prevent breeding of mosquitoes. Please remember that water in rain barrels is not pressurized and will not flow out of your barrel at the same rate that water flows from your spigot attached to your home.

You can attend a Rain Barrel workshop or for more information please contact Aaron Slater by email:aarons@ecasavesenergy.org or by phone: 215-609-1083.