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Through the EnergySense Community Partnership, your members or  neighbors  can learn how to make thier homes more comfortable while saving energy and money through energy efficiency improvements. The presentation includes steps they can take themselves to reduce their energy usage along with information on various rebates and other available programs. Plus members have access  discounts beginning with the energy assessment.  If your Philadelphia neighborhood association, homeowners association, civic, faith-based or other group represents at least 20 Philadelphia homeowners, you are eligible for an EnergySense Community Partnership.


Here’s how it works …

Step 1: Get the Word Out

  • Schedule an EnergySense presentation – An ECA representative will facilitate a comprehensive presentation and Q&A with your group including important information about how to make your home more comfortable while saving energy and money through energy efficiency improvements.
  • We will provide outreach materials including email blasts, news articles, and flyers for you to distribute and post.


Step 2: Come and Learn

  • What is your home energy usage
  • What can you do yourself to reduce energy comsumption in your home
  • What is the lastest light bulb technology
  • What can you do about storm water management
  • Why getting new windows may not be the best idea
  • What provides the biggest bang for my energy buck
  • What rebates and tax credits are available for me
  • How can I get (almost) free money to pay for home energy improvements
  • And a member of your group will be eligible to win a free ECOIQ 5-2 Programmable Therostat!


Step 3: Sign-up for programs

  • If interested, you will be able to sign-up for various energy saving programs available through ECA, including:
    • PGW's EnergySense Home Rebates program
    • Neighborhood Energy Centers
    • PGW Conversation
    • Heater Hotline
    • and more!


Step 4: Save energy, lower your utility bills, and have a more comfortable home!

  • That’s it.  You’ve connected your group to a valuable service that will help them save money, live more comfortably, improve the value of your homes, and help the environment!



to schedule an EnergySense Community Partnership presentation.